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Welcome to Gladney Parent Profiles. We invite you to view the letters and photos below of adoptive parents eager to share their lives with a child. Click on any couple's name or photo to see their letter.

Adoption is a loving choice. We can help you make a parenting plan that is best for you and your child. You may choose the adoptive family you feel is right for your baby, so let us help you start your customized adoption journey today. Just call 1.800.GLADNEY (800.452.3639), and talk with a counselor. No one will judge you. We're here to listen and to help.

Julie & Rich

Life is a journey. We’re so grateful your journey has led you to our Adoption Profile. As a family we are pro-adoption and have personally experienced the benefits of adoption at the parental and adoptee level. We feel strongly that our background, values, and devotion will provide a great family environment. Our house is full of love and compassion and we know that our home is a beautiful garden for a new seed! We have a great deal of respect and high regard for the decision you have made. Our struggles are different than yours, but God may allow our journeys to intersect happily and successfully. We are excited that you are reading our story and considering us to possibly be the parents of your child!  

Angél & Ryan

Thank you in advance for allowing us to share our lives with you. Our journey towards having a family has been a real adventure and has taught us a lot about ourselves, as we are sure your journey has for you. WE WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT NOTHING WILL MAKE US HAPPIER THAN TO EXPAND OUR FAMILY AND SHARE THE LOVE WE HAVE WITH ANOTHER CHILD. Having adopted our first child, we know the process works and we are looking forward to being on this journey again.  

Casey & Joe

Dear Birthparents – Thank you for your strength and bravery in choosing to make an adoption plan. As you read about our lives, please know that above all, ours is a home filled with love, laughter, and family. Our hope is to build upon your awe-inspiring example of love in choosing adoption. We are so excited to become parents and to fill this child's life with joy, nurturing, and opportunity. Your child will be cherished with all of our hearts. 

Theresa & Tom

Hello! Thank you for the taking the time to learn about our family. We are Tom, Theresa, Massimo (our son born March 2012), and our two fur babies, Enzo and Rosie. We are eternally grateful to Massimo’s birthparents, and we truly appreciate what an incredible gift you are considering. We wish you peace, health and happiness.  

Tiffany & Robert

We are Robert & Tiffany, and we are excited for the possibility of sharing this adoption journey with you. This courageous choice you've made would bring so much joy, love, and fulfillment to us both. We understand that this can be an emotional & challenging time for you and would like to help make it easier by answering any questions you might have. 

Stacey & Sean

We are completely humbled by your selflessness and courageous decision you are faced with making. We have the deepest respect for you and your family as you navigate what we can only imagine is an incredibly difficult and emotional time. We pray that you will find peace and comfort with the path that you choose. Know that we are keeping you and this precious baby in our thoughts and prayers. 

Sara & Joel

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We are a Joel and Sara, a loving family who is excited to start our family. 

Stephanie & Scott

Thank you for taking the time to look at our web profile and hopefully get to know us. You have no idea what it means to us to have a family. We know it doesn't matter how a child enters our family, the important thing is how excited and committed we are to loving and teasuring your child for a lifetime.  

Leah & Sam

We are Leah and Sam. We love spending our time with family, friends and the pups. We enjoy going on vacations and exploring the outdoors. We dream of the day when we can share all these amazing experiences with our child. 

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