Profiles of Gladney Adoptive Parents

Welcome to Gladney Parent Profiles. We invite you to view the letters and photos below of adoptive parents eager to share their lives with a child. Click on any couple's name or photo to see their letter.

Adoption is a loving choice. We can help you make a parenting plan that is best for you and your child. You may choose the adoptive family you feel is right for your baby, so let us help you start your customized adoption journey today. Just call 1.800.GLADNEY (800.452.3639), and talk with a counselor. No one will judge you. We're here to listen and to help.

Rachel & Mark

Thank you for taking an opportunity to learn more about us as you proceed down your incredibly brave path in choosing an adoptive life plan for your child. We can’t even begin to imagine the emotions and feelings you are currently experiencing, and admire your courageousness. We appreciate and are extremely grateful that you are considering adoption. Our hearts are open and caring. We commit to providing a warm, stable, unconditionally loving home for your child and hope that in this short profile, you will get a glimpse into the life of Mark and Rachel, and we can show you what a warm loving couple we are. We could never find the words to thank you enough for the wonderful gift of adoption and pray that you find peace in your decision. You will always have a special place in our hearts.  

Elaine & Angelo

Please take a look at our profile. We hope this gives you a little insight about us. We are very open and honest people. We have wanted to start a family for so long.  

Kim & David

Hi! We are David and Kim. We would like to thank you for considering us as loving parents for your child. We cannot imagine the feelings you have or will experience in your decision to plan an adoption for your baby. We admire your courage and strength and hope this letter and these photographs give you a glimpse of who we are and the kind of loving parents we will be to your child. 

Sara & Andrew

Hi, we are Sara and Andrew. We are so grateful for your loving and selfless decision to create an adoption plan for your child. Making this choice for your child is a most admirable task, and we cannot begin to imagine what you're going through right now. We hope that you find peace and comfort during this difficult time. We look forward to sharing our adoption story with our children one day, and they will always know that the decision to place them for adoption was one made out of love. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Natalie & Andrew

Clearly you love your baby deeply to be looking at adoption profiles. We see birthparents as our hero, not only because a baby would make our family something we've dreamed about but doubted was possible. Birthparents are heroes because they are willing to make a beautifully selfless choice. We are Natalie and Andrew and would love to get to know you. We hope this profile gives you an idea of who we are and the love we have to share. 

Lisa & Caleb

Welcome! We are Caleb and Lisa and we appreciate that you are taking the time to learn about us. We are in awe of your decision to choose adoption and believe it is an act of unconditional love. As parents we understand this love for a child and desire to want the best for them. We cherish every child as a gift from God and pray for the opportunity to expand our family through adoption. We promise to love, nuture and hold in our hearts every moment of your child's life and to hopefully share them with you. We pray that God blesses you and your baby through this journey. Caleb & Lisa 

Carmen & Zach

Dear Birth Mother, Thank you so much for this opportunity to share a little bit about ourselves with you. We are Zach and Carmen, and we appreciate your time and consideration. We understand the importance of the decision you are making, as well as the difficulty of the choice. Please know that we are praying for both you and your baby. We sincerely appreciate and respect the decision you have made to choose adoption, and we admire the bravery, love, and selflessness you are showing by making an adoption plan. 

Susie & Jeff

Hi, we are Jeff and Susie. We want you to know how excited we are to be on this journey of adoption and we cannot wait to see what is in store for our family. We have so many wonderful plans for our children and we anxiously anticipate the joy that we will experience as our family grows. 

Susan & Danny

Hello! We're excited about adoption and the blessings of adoption. We'd love to share more about our lives with you — just click on our names! 

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